Jackeline Cardona

In 2009, Jackie embarked on her journey into the world of therapeutic touch by enrolling in the Houston School Of Massage. After successfully graduating from the massage school, she decided to specialize in a unique field of therapy known as Lymphatic Drainage Massage. She pursued this specialization at the MD Anderson. This specialized therapeutic technique is primarily used to assist cancer patients during their strenuous chemotherapy process. Furthermore, Jackie also learned how to help individuals suffering from edema issues. Edema, characterized by excessive fluid accumulation in body tissues, often causes discomfort and swelling. By studying Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Jackie mastered the necessary skills to alleviate such issues and provide much-needed relief to those affected. Following this, Jackie shifted her focus towards athletes, aiming to provide them with specialized care. She began taking classes in Active Release technique. This technique is designed to help active individuals, not strictly professional athletes, who lead extremely active lifestyles. These individuals often put a significant strain on their bodies, and Jackie aimed to use her skills to help them maintain their physical health and performance. In her quest to provide holistic care, Jackie also invested time in studying Neurokinetic therapy. She took classes to understand mobility better and to learn how to use this therapy to assist her clients. Neurokinetic therapy often helps identify the root cause of pain and mobility issues, allowing therapists to provide targeted and efficient treatment. Extending her skill set beyond physical wellness, Jackie also became certified in Reiki. Reiki, a form of energy healing, is often used to improve clients' spiritual wellbeing. Jackie was determined to use this technique to enhance her clients' overall wellness experience. By combining all these techniques, Jackie aimed to provide a holistic therapeutic experience. Her objective was not just to address her clients' physical ailments but also to ensure their spiritual well-being. This unique blend of therapies allowed her to cater to her clients' needs comprehensively, providing them with a truly healing and enriching experience.

Claudia Cardona:

In 2009, Claudia took a significant step in her professional journey by enrolling in the Houston School of Massage. Being a passionate and dedicated triathlete herself, Claudia had an innate understanding of the physical and mental challenges an athlete faces. She realized the importance of therapeutic care in an athlete's life, not only to enhance their physical performance but also to nurture their mental well-being. Fueled by this understanding and empathy, Claudia ventured into the realm of sports therapy, specifically focusing on caring for active athletes. She leveraged her personal experiences and professional knowledge to provide specialized massage services tailored to the needs of athletes. Claudia's offerings include sports therapeutic massages that incorporate a variety of techniques. One of her specialties is stretching techniques. These are designed to increase flexibility, improve circulation, and reduce muscle tension, thereby enhancing an athlete's overall performance. She also offers lymphatic drainage massages, which help to eliminate toxins from the body and improve immune function, thereby promoting faster recovery and keeping athletes in top form. Moreover, Claudia has expertise in fascia removal massages. These are aimed at breaking down the fascial adhesions that often develop in athletes due to repetitive movements and high levels of physical stress. This technique helps to alleviate muscle pain and increase range of motion. Finally, Claudia provides clinical massages that are therapeutic in nature and designed to address specific muscular issues that athletes often face, such as muscle strain, sprains, or chronic muscular discomfort. In addition to these physical therapies, Claudia also offers Reiki as part of her holistic approach to athlete care. She recognizes that mental stress is a significant part of an athlete's journey, especially in the lead-up to a race.

In addition to her diverse skill set, Claudia has specific expertise in prenatal massage. This specialty allows her to provide expectant mothers with much-needed relaxation and stress relief. Prenatal massage is a unique type of care that focuses on the specific needs and challenges that women face during pregnancy. Claudia's expert hands work to soothe the aching muscles and joints that often accompany pregnancy, thus helping to decrease inflammation. Furthermore, the calming effect of her massages not only helps to alleviate physical discomfort but also reduces anxiety and enhances overall well-being. These benefits can significantly contribute to the mental preparedness of expectant mothers, helping them cope with the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. Moreover, Claudia's prenatal massages are also designed to prepare women for labor. By improving blood circulation and promoting overall body wellness, these massages can help ensure a smoother, less strenuous birthing process. Claudia's goal is to ensure that expectant mothers are not only physically ready but also mentally and emotionally prepared for the big moment of giving birth.