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Regular massage treatment is one of the best ways to keep you feeling your best. If you're an athlete, it's even more important. At Andaman Spa, we specialize in sports massage therapy for athletes in Houston, TX. We use various massage techniques to improve blood flow, reduce pain, decrease swelling and improve mobility. Our services include everything from hot stone massage therapy and BIOFLEX laser massage therapy. With an occasional massage, you'll feel better and keep yourself at peak performance.

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Our massage therapists are committed to delivering a soothing and relaxing massage therapy experience for all of our clients. We're preferred over other spas in the area because we:

  • Have been in business for over 13 years
  • Are constantly adding the latest techniques to our practice
  • Provide a peaceful atmosphere
  • Believe easing your mind and body promotes better wellness

Continue doing the activities you love. Improve your mobility with compression therapy and sports massage therapy at our local spa in Houston, TX.