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We're a renowned wellness destination where we primarily focus on delivering exceptional Therapeutic massages. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in improving your daily life through enhanced mobility, flexibility, and overall well being. We believe in the power of therapeutic touch to help heal, rejuvenate and restore the body. Our services are designed to help you achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Our team of Massage therapists are not just mere practitioners, but industry veterans who have been honing their craft since 2011. They have undergone rigorous training and held instructive roles, imparting the best massage techniques to others in the field. Their vast experience and comprehensive knowledge ensure that you receive only the highest quality massage. They are adept at identifying the needs of your body and applying the most beneficial techniques to provide relief and relaxation. When you choose Andaman Spa, you choose an unparalleled commitment towards your health and wellness.

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Regular massage treatment is one of the best ways to keep you feeling your best. If you're an athlete, it's even more important. At Andaman Spa, we specialize in sports massage therapy for athletes in Houston, TX. We use various massage techniques to improve blood flow, reduce pain, decrease swelling and improve mobility. Our services include everything from hot stone massage therapy and BIOFLEX laser massage therapy. With an occasional massage, you'll feel better and keep yourself at peak performance.

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